To provide access to dental services, education, and research for the benefit of elderly residents in long-term care.

Operational Goal

Develop a “Centre of Excellence in Geriatric Dentistry” for the University of British Columbia.

Primary Beneficiaries

  1. Elderly residents of long term care (LTC) and assisted living (AL) facilities.
  2. UBC dental undergraduate students, graduate prosthodontics students, dental hygiene students, and general practice residents.
  3. Dentists, dental hygienists, certified dental assistants, care aides, and nurses interested in continuing education.
  4. University of British Columbia researchers

Supporting Partners

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
  3. Fraser Health Authority
  4. British Columbia Dental Association
  5. Canadian Dental Association

Desired Results

  1. Improved oral health and quality of life for elderly LTC residents
  2. Access to quality dental services for LTC facilities covered under the UBC Geriatric Dentistry Program.
  3. Appropriate transfer of clinical information (diagnoses and treatment plans, treatment delivered, and outcomes) to facilitate patient care.
  4. Financial accountability to patients or legal substitute decision makers, UBC Faculty of Dentistry, LTC facilities, and health authorities.
  5. Education of the dental profession concerning geriatric dentistry.
  6. Research outcomes of the program and collaborative research projects with others that benefit elderly LTC residents.
  7. Provide an environment for community volunteers.
  8. Awareness of importance of oral health and prevention of oral disease for elderly LTC residents with the residents themselves, family members, immediate and extended health care providers, and the community.

Core Ideas

  1. Annual oral health assessments of all consenting LTC residents.
  2. Appropriate dental care in a timely manner with respect to transfer of information, consent for treatment and costs, and the delivery of care from the most appropriate clinician.
  3. Best practice standards for care based upon constant re-evaluation of the program, clinicians, administration, dental literature, and information from other jurisdictions.
  4. Balanced budgets.
  5. Supportive volunteer environment.
  6. Supportive learning environment for all students including development of new learning material and opportunities.
  7. Supportive research environment for UBC faculty and students.
  8. Measure and analyze results with respect to all customers of the program, and adapt the Geriatric Dentistry Program over time for improvement.
  9. Collaboration with other organizations for service, education and research for the benefit of the LTC residents served by the Geriatric Dentistry Program and others.

Core Values

  1. Highest quality program encompassing service, education, and research.
  2. Highest quality, compassionate dental care.
  3. Mutual respect and responsibility for all beneficiaries and partners.
  4. Collaborative relationship with all beneficiaries and partners.
  5. Efficient and effective communication with all beneficiaries and partners.
  6. Fiscal responsibility.